One of the greatest perks of living in Spain is that there’s always a holiday– to the point where I stopped questioning the occasion. So last October, I decided to embrace another long weekend by taking a trip up to the coastal city of San Sebastián. A five hour drive from my residence in Barcelona, I hitched a ride using Blabla Car: Europe’s low cost ride-sharing service. San Sebastián, also referred to as Donostia, is a family-friendly destination that is also perfect for solo travellers! Famous for their pintxos, a staple food in Basque Country, this Michellin starred city will have you eating and sipping your way from bar-to-bar as a typical evening excursion. Just make sure you don’t over-do the wine if you’re planning to surf the next morning!

2 thoughts on “19 Photos From the Perfect Long Weekend Trip to San Sebastián”

  1. To be honest I have never heard of San Sebastian until now, and per your photos, my goodness it is beautiful! Will need to make a stop on the next trip to Europe. Thanks for sharing! =)

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