If my life were a movie, as my dear friend Amina once said, it’d be one of those movies that follow multiple interrelated storylines. Because each and every person I’ve had the pleasure of colliding into over the last three years has a story worth mentioning. This isn’t about me so much as it is about humans in general.  Even though there are strikingly different narrative elements and phenotypes and dreams and nightmares, we are all connected by the desire to figure out our place in this mad, beautiful world. To deal with life and the cards we’ve been dealt as best as we can. To reach the highest expression of ourselves. To love and be loved. That’s the beauty of travel and meeting people from around the world. The greatest lesson it taught me was that, irrespective of borders and mother tongues, we’re all speaking the same language. And through my writing, I hope to teach this to others.” — W.J.

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