Hi and welcome to LOST & DELIRIOUS!

My name is Wonu and I’m a Toronto native who has spent the last three years exploring the world. This love affair began at a young age, but officially took off at the age of 19 when I quit my job as a brand ambassador and bought a one-way ticket to Italy for the summer. Since then, my travels have turned into a one-woman improv show spanning across five continents, more than 30 countries! That being said, I do not operate on a particular time-zone which means it’s never too early for a glass of wine, nor is it ever too late to turn your life around.

No matter where I’ve been, an adventure awaited me at the end of an offbeat path of wonder and mystery. And if there’s anything more delectable than the experiences I’ve had, or the sights I’ve feasted my eyes upon, it’s the stories I’m ready to tell. In fact, that’s what brought about my inspiration for this blog. I want to illustrate how easy it is to fall in love with simple things; like genuine smiles from strangers and the way the Mediterranean sea sparkles under the glare of the afternoon sun. And just like any other 23-year-old, I’ve had my fair share of romance and adrenaline-fueled antics, but believe it or not, those stories are but wet gravel in a sift for diamonds.

The real stories are about the engaging encounters I’ve had with people from all walks of life; from a deeply-troubled neurologist to a jubilant coconut vendor. It’s about restoring the wild and daring part of us that has been suppressed in a society obsessed with fear and outdated practices. The countries may be different, but the subjects– the corruption, censorship, racism, sexism, ageism, and just about any other ‘ism’ you can think of– are the same. Last but certainly not least, it’s about what it means to be a young adult in this mad, beautiful world. So follow along as I continue to make questionable decisions separated by snacks, while documenting these experiences with the help of my Nikon D3100 and iPhone 4S (yes, users like me still exist).

— W.J.